Pan-American Championships last qualifier for 2023 Men’s World Championship

Sep 28, 2022

19 teams registered for the IFA 2023 Fistball World Championship in Mannheim. At Fistball events 16 teams is a maximum and the qualification regulations take effect. The PAFA area will host their continental championships later this year and this will be only remaining official qualifier for the World Championship. Europe held their continental qualifier already and the European starters are already fixed.

From Europe there are seven nations qualified, PAFA has four starting rights, Asia and Oceania two each, Africa has only one slot. Seven teams per continent is the maximum quota possible. The aim of the qualification criteria is to guarantee a worldwide presence at the World Championship. Each regional champion and the top 8 from the last World Championship are qualified automatically. The remaining places are provided to teams from the Regional Association according to a quota per continental association.

Americas (4) – regional qualifier in October:
The Pan-American Championships takes place on 13 and 14 October. Brazil, Argentina and Chile are already qualified for the World Championship as they ranked in the top 8 in the last World Champs. USA and Colombia will fight for the last place.

Oceania (2):
The Asia-Pacific Championship from 22 to 23 October in Australia would have been the qualifier event for the Oceanian Area. As Oceania has 2 starting rights New Zealand and Australia are already qualified.

Asia (2):
India and Japan are the only two registered teams from Asia. As Asia has 2 starting rights, both teams are qualified. Furthermore, India and Japan are going to the Asia-Pacific Championship in October in Australia.

Europe (7):
The continental championship in Italy in June 2022 was the European qualifier. The top 7 teams in this event (Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Italy, Denmark, Serbia, Czech Republic) qualified for the World Championship in Mannheim 2023. 7 teams is also the maximum quota per continent, therefore Belgium and Poland didn’t qualify for the Men’s World Championship.

Africa (1):
Namibia as a top 8 team in the last World Championship and only registered representative from Africa is qualified automatically for Mannheim 2023.


Africa (1) Americas (4) Asia (2) Europe (7) Oceania (2)
Namibia (Q) Argentina (Q) India (Q) Austria (Q) Australia (Q)
Brazil (Q) Japan (Q) Czech Republic (Q) New Zealand (Q)
Chile (Q) Denmark (Q)
Colombia (tbq) Germany (Q)  
USA (tbq) Italy (Q)  
Serbia (Q)  
Switzerland (Q)
Belgium (X)
Poland (X)

(X)…not qualified
(tbq)…to be qualified – qualification depends on regional qualifier

See detailed qualification regulations here: DOWNLOAD