Six referees from Europe and South America: They will referee the matches of the 16th Fistball MWC 2023.

Without them, a World Championship would be impossible: the Referee Commission of the International Fistball Association has nominated six referees and four linesmen for the Fistball World Championship in Mannheim. In addition, there are the officials of the IFA Sports Commission.


Aurelio Freitas

2x MWC (2011, 2015)

Paulo Raya Farias

0x MWC

Markus Löwe

0x MWC

Roland Schiep

1x MWC (2019)

Marcel Meier

1x MWC (2011)

Wolfgang Weiß

1x MWC (2015)

Line referees

Lina Hasenjäger

0x MWC

Tobias Spaltenberger

0x MWC

Philipp Kern

0x MWC

Jessica Sitz

0x MWC


Gastão Englert

Technical Delegate

Alwin Oberkersch

Referee Coordination

Rainer Frommknecht

Technical Coordination

José Luís Eltz

Technical Coordination