Unforgettable days at the international youth camp – register now!

Apr 19, 2023

Be active yourself and experience the world’s best fistballers up close: On the sidelines of the Men’s World Championships, the traditional fistball youth camp of the Swabian (STB) and Baden Gymnastics Associations (BTB) will take place from July 26 to 30. This year’s camp will be “international” on the occasion of the World Championships. Guests from other federations and nations are explicitly invited. Pre-registration is possible until May 1.

Playing fistball and experiencing exciting vacation days, meeting new people and marveling at the men’s world championship at close range – an exciting program with unforgettable experiences awaits the participants of this year’s fistball youth camp organized by STB and BTB. “This will be a nice and colorful camp,” Dominik Mondl is convinced.

As a member of the World Championships Organizing Committee, he is in charge of the supporting program of the World Championships and is also entrusted with the planning of the youth camp with his club TV Käfertal as host. Preparations are in full swing. “We are looking forward to many young people and the common exchange. The fact that we can combine the tent camp with the World Cup this year is a wonderful thing. Both events benefit from each other.”

Around 300 registrations have been received so far from clubs all over Germany and Austria. “Our space capacities are sufficient for about 500 people,” adds Mondl, who would like “to reach the 400 mark. That would be my goal, and then we would have a nice big group together.”

Overnight stays will be in tents brought by the participants themselves on the grounds of the district sports facility of TV Käfertal, Wachenheimer Straße 75, in Mannheim. Catering will also take place there, including sanitary facilities. TVK is providing the infrastructure, a first for the club, which has never participated in the tent camp before. “We are all the more pleased and want to make sure that our guests feel comfortable,” says Mondl.

His team is supported by tent camp-tested helpers under the leadership of Olaf Niemann, who take care of drawing up the game plans and organizing the tournaments. In addition, there is support from the Mannheim Sports District Youth, who have already looked after Mannheim schools at various gymnastics festivals in the past, and who will lend a hand with volunteers wherever help is needed.
Traditionally, a small-field and large-field tournament is held as part of the tent camp. “This is a fixed component. On the day of arrival, the small-field teams are mixed by age and gender in the evening,” Mondl tells us.

Attending MWC matches at the Rhine-Neckar Stadium and SAP Arena

The campground is located not far from the Rhein-Neckar Stadium, where the World Cup matches will take place. Thus, the young fistballers can watch the games live during their free time. “The joint trips to the Rhine-Neckar Stadium are something like the supporting program of the tent camp,” adds the chief organizer. A special highlight for the tent camp youth: the match day admission is free on Wednesday and Thursday, as is the visit to the Federal Garden Show (Buga). From the campground the cable railroad leads over the Buga area directly to the stadium and can be used as means of transport. The cost is included in the basic fee of 75 euros, as is the use of the campsite, catering (breakfast, lunch and dinner), public transport and a T-shirt as a souvenir.

Who would like to look beyond that the final plays of the WM in the own fan block of the fist ball youth camp in the SAP arena, receives for 44 euro (children, young people and responsible person) a ticket.
From little ones to teenagers, everyone is welcome at the tent camp. The only requirement is that each group is accompanied by at least one adult supervisor (minimum age 18). Clubs still have until May 1 to submit their pre-registration. In a first step, the approximate number of persons is required. Subsequently, a detailed inquiry will be made. Registration is possible via the form on the website of the Fistball World Championships (www.faustballwm.de/zeltlager).