The Fistball MWC Sticker Album: Pre-Order now

Jun 2, 2023

The stars of the fistball world championship will soon be available to collect, swap and stick: Just in time for the World Championships in Mannheim, a sticker album featuring the world’s best players and coaches from all 16 participating nations will be presented, which is intended to once again arouse special anticipation for the home World Championships from July 22 to 29, 2023. In addition to the sticker pictures of the athletes, the 40-page booklet also contains lots of interesting facts about the teams and their home countries – including flag facts for young and old. A special highlight is that fans can put together their very own “Best of World Cup” team using duplicate pictures.

From now until June 15, 2023, advance orders for the World Cup collector’s booklet and the accompanying stickers are available at a preferential price in the form of starter packs. The album with 6 sticker packs (24 stickers) costs 10 euros, with 20 packs (80 stickers) 22 euros – and those who buy 50 packs (200 stickers) at once pay just 50 euros including the album.

“We are pleased that fistball world can hold a very special memory of the extraordinary days in Mannheim in their hands at this world championship with the sticker collector’s booklet. This booklet can inspire young and old alike,” says World Cup Managing Director Sönke Spille, who has another good tip for all collectors: “With the stickers pasted in, the album can also be turned into an autograph booklet without further ado.”

The pre-ordered starter packs can be picked up at three selectable events. Payment will be made on site. The following pick-up options are available:

Austrian championship from 30 June to 2 July in Anreit
U 18 European Championships on July 8/9 in Münchwilen (Switzerland)
German Championships on July 15/16 in Unterhaugstett (Germany)

With a minimum order of 10 albums and 50 sticker packs, shipping is also possible. After June 15, the booklets can be purchased for 5 euros each at the three locations and, of course, during the championships. A sticker pack will then cost 1 Euro (4 stickers).


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