Recap Day 6 – The first rankings of the Fistball World Championship have been determined

Jul 27, 2023

While the semi-final teams prepare for tomorrow’s matches, the first placement decisions have been made at the Rhein-Neckar Stadium. In the early afternoon, Argentina and Chile secure their tickets for the fifth-place game, and in the evening, Serbia, the Czech Republic, and New Zealand triumph in their respective placement matches. At the same time, preparations for the grand final weekend are underway at the SAP Arena throughout the day. Tomorrow the semi-finals will determine which teams will advance to the final on Saturday.

Argentina advances to the Fifth-Place Game
Argentina – Denmark 3:0 (11:4, 11:4, 11:9)

Denmark fails to replicate their strong performance from the quarterfinal against Austria. Only in the third set can the Scandinavians keep up with the favored Argentinians, but ultimately, it’s Argentina’s Romeo Dominioni who makes the difference. Argentina wins comfortably and will play for fifth place in the World Championship on Saturday.

Chile stages a comeback in a heated match against Italy
Italy – Chile 1:3 (11:8, 9:11, 7:11, 9:11)

Armin Runer and Alváro Mödinger duke it out in an intense four set battle. Both main attackers are consistently put into play by their teams and keep the game competitive with impressive points in their serves. Despite initially leading and a strong performance by Runer, Italy cannot match the South Americans in crucial moments. Close calls and spectacular plays bring out intense emotions on both sides. Chile secures the victory with a strong finish and will face Argentina in the fifth-place game.

Serbia secures 15th place in the World Championship
Japan – Serbia 1:3 (12:10, 8:11, 1:11, 4:11)

A surprising start to the game couldn’t ultimately help Japan. The team from East Asia manages to win the first set against Serbia. However, as the match progresses, Serbia displays greater experience and routine, leading to Japan losing the next three sets decisively. With a 3:1 victory, Serbia secures the 15th position in the Fistball World Championship.

Czech Republic defeats Australia in the battle for 13th place
Australia – Czech Republic 2:3 (3:11, 9:11, 11:6, 11:8, 5:11)

In their final appearances at the Fistball World Championship, the teams from Australia and the Czech Republic aim to give the numerous spectators a fantastic performance. Both teams compete for the 13th position on the wet field at the Rhein-Neckar Stadium. In the penultimate match of the day, the Czech Republic, led by Mannheimer Daniel Schwarz, manages to secure a close victory in 3:2 sets. Both teams engage in a relentless battle throughout the full duration of five sets and celebrate together with the fans in Mannheim after the match.

New Zealand Beats Belgium and Finishes the World Championship in 11th Place.
New Zealand – Belgium 3:1 (11:5, 11:2, 9:11, 11:3)

In the last match of Thursday, New Zealand continues their impressive performances in the World Championship and convincingly secures the 11th place. The replacements from Belgium manage to keep up only in phases against New Zealand in front of many fans at the Rhein-Neckar Stadium. Only the third set goes to Belgium as New Zealand made substantial lineup changes and gave playing time to all players in the squad. Returning with their top formation in the fourth set, New Zealand comfortably takes the match 3:1 and finishes the tournament on a high note.

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