Fistball MWC promotes highlight in summer 2023 at BTB anniversary event

Mar 21, 2023

With the start of the indoor fistball championships in Europe, the World Championships Organizing Team has promoted the Fistball World Championships in Mannheim at several events. Most recently, the Fistball World Cup was also represented at the Badischer Turnerbund’s 175th anniversary celebration in Offenburg.

Promotion at BTB anniversary celebration

With the support of the State Fistball Committee in the Baden Gymnastics Federation and the fistball club FB Kippenheim, the World Fistball Championships presented itself with a stand at the BTB celebrations and was thus able to draw the attention of the Baden gymnastics family to the sporting highlight in the summer of 2023.

“The anticipation in Baden for the Fistball World Championships is great,” says Andreas Kruschka, Regional Fistball Director at the Baden Gymnastics Federation. The BTB presidium stands united behind the event, which will be held in the Rhine-Neckar Stadium and the SAP Arena: “There were some questions about the course of the event. Especially the finals with the relocated natural turf in the SAP Arena has caused a lot of astonished but at the same time enthusiastic feedback.” In the run-up to the event, the World Cup organizing committee also receives support from the BTB office. “The cooperation really works excellently,” says Sönke Spille, Managing Director of the Fistball World Championships, “We can count on the support of the Baden Gymnastics Federation in our preparations. That helps enormously.”

Raffle at fistball events

Already on the past weekends, the Fistball World Championships were on the road with promotion booths in Germany, Austria and Switzerland. After visits by Sönke Spille at the final event in Switzerland as well as the Final3 in Austria, the 2023 World Cup presented itself at the German Indoor Championships for women (Ötisheim) and men (Gärtringen) together with the booth of the German Fistball League. “There were many interested inquiries about the event,” says Sönke Spille: “You can tell that there is a certain World Cup euphoria in all three fistball nations. Everyone is already very excited about what awaits them in Mannheim at the end of July.” As part of the four events, the World Fistball Championships also held a raffle in which several tickets were given away. “The raffle has met with a great response. The winners will be notified shortly.”